The origin of this blog

Dear reader of this article,

First of all, thanks a lot for your interest! This shows you must be, just like me, one of the crazy wanderers on the internet that stumble upon the most exciting reads every day…

With this blog, I hope to bring you these. My range of interest goes wide but I will especially narrow it down to Science, Science-fiction, Fantasy, History, Poetry, Literature, Lore, and Mythology.

With this blog, I hope to share some information with you that I find to be interesting and worth sharing, or maybe even open up a topic for debate? Anything on this blog is possible, from short stories to educational and deductive reading material, I will also post poetry and novels in the near future.

For those still reading, I might as well introduce myself a bit. My name is Sarah, I’m 24 years old and I have been an adventurer my whole life, this both through seeking joy in words and through seeking bliss in the blossoming nature outside by going on a hike, or doing whatever life offers basically- as it gets quite hectic. I created this blog as an outlet for my never-resting mind. A mind that doesn’t feel like conforming and needs to express its “misfitness” through the use of words. Also, I love to sit back, think and write about things and most of all discuss certain topics together with other interested people. And YES! that is you. So if you ever feel like asking a question or suggesting a topic I could cover on the blog, make sure to let me know!

Important side note: Everything I will be writing on the blog will be based on research and facts as much as possible-if necessary with non-fiction. This research and their sources you will always find linked down below in the very post (just like this one). I find it very important that the right kind of information should be spread, instead of all that nonsense we usually see all over the ‘net. Though I DO NOT claim to be all-knowing, and that is okay, please do let me know if you find shortcomings in my work, I’m willing to learn. Thank you very much and enjoy your stay!


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  1. Thanks for dropping by at my blog with quite a “poetic” suggestion 🙂 In 2 years, you posted only a few posts on your blog. Either you are highly selective or too busy with “life”. Or is there another dimension to it. Please excuse my 3 dimensional brain 😉


  2. Oh…and one more point I missed in my earlier comment. Your picture is missing in “About” section. Is that out of privacy or you prefer blogging anonymously? Seriously, I need to stop thinking in too many dimensions (Amir blocks one of his love-bots temporarily only to punish himself).


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