Short story: Apparition, a sci-fi love story

“You were my apparition…”

PS: You’ll need your imagination for this one.



In a world that lies in analogy with our own, two universes exist. He comes from One and She from the Other.

To her knowledge, there was no other universe than hers. And as far as He knew, his was the only one that existed. That until one day…

A day, when She went out for hunting. Her spaceship hurled through vast distances of time and space. She looked around, everything appeared fine; the stars and galaxies moved as predicted, her flight panel showed no signs of alarm, and there was a stillness within that was carefully left unpierced- the exact way she thought she had wanted things to be.  

She was wearing her Protection suit and lifted up her right arm. A screen made of nanotech fabric lit up from her suit on her wrist, showing all sorts of specs and numbers. Her brain was working at full capacity and her ratios unbothered. Her body was in balance and been given all the needed input and nutrition for alertness and reasoning. Her heart was being numbed, hormones been put to silence but for those she needed in order to fight or engage in mission, perfect. Everything seemed fine. Utterly fine. That until her radar had gone off the charts, right before all electronics shut down and a dark hole absorbed her whole.

Time went by but she did not know for how long. It seemed like forever. Memories of who she was flashed by and for an unknown period of time she had felt like she was about to die. After some time, of reliving every dark corner of her miserable life, she even felt like ready for it, ready to die and leave it all behind.

She did not die, however.

She was met by the eyes of He, as they were looking straight at her. For a sudden moment, she had felt like this was her only known reality-and had been for an eternity; those mysterious eyes looking at her. The nakedness felt surprisingly warm until she remembered who she was, that she had a past and a future. That she still was alive and He was just an unknown stranger, being this close to her, watching her from only an inch away.

She shot up from her laid position, and almost bumped with her head against his. But he was vigilant and alert, but not so thanks to his computations like herself, it was as though this was his Intuition. He knew how to anticipate to her as if he listened to her numbness and not her facts, and so even in movement, she was slow to an awoke being like himself.

She took a moment to realize where she was, and what had happened. Her right arm shot up but the parameters did not show. The Nanos tried firing a connection but it was disrupted by the alien vibrancy coming off of Him. He sat squatted aside from Her, still observing her with those eyes, calmly and peacefully. The unease of being noticed by some other being left her with an awkward and embarrassing feeling. 

“Where am I?” She asked.

But he did not reply. In fact, he did not seem to understand the vowels coming from her lips at all. He looked amazed, startled.

Her spaceship was nowhere near, her suit wasn’t working, and when She first started to inhale the oxygen, a dizzying feeling engulfed her. His scent made her nostrils flare and then when he reluctantly brought forth his hand to help her get up, her body spurt with many hormones being set free, especially now that her equipment could no longer put it to silence.

She realized She was in his universe now.

A desire, she had let go of since long, was reignited with the single touch of his skin when she grabbed for his hand. And as he watched her, in that amazed fashion of his, with those hard eyes and warm smile, she felt like not only her hand was on fire, but her entire body had caught up in flames. For real.

He too was surprised at seeing this, yet he did not take a step back. On the contrary, he smirked invitedly. As if this had been some desired outcome.

She began panicking then, for she was set on fire and the mere thought of it hurt her in many ways. The notion of burnt skin and molten flesh made her squirm around, but no matter what, she held onto his strong hand. Never letting go.

He squeezed her harder and now instead of having her to stand up with his aide, He was the one to pull her up straight. Her body followed like it was made for doing so. And before her mind had caught up with anything that was going on, he pressed his full lips against hers. And they were locked in a kiss.

He knew what he was doing, but seeing her ablaze like this almost left him speechless. Yet not as speechless as She was, for her mind could not compute the emotions rushing through her. Instead, she had lit up in flames, flames not out of Fire, He knew. These flames were out of pure passion and love he grew. Something of which she seemed scared. Because the look on her face was that of anguish, dismay and anxiety, like She tried forcing herself withstanding the fire burning her skin, which it didn’t, but She had yet to learn that.

He found it cute how she dared take that risk for him nonetheless. How She in her mind thought she had to burn herself in order to feel His love for Her now.

The colors of her flames danced in many unruly shapes, and its rudimentary flow told Him that this was the very first time she had ever set these flames ablaze.

And this had only been a kiss-… A simple kiss. He wondered what it would be like if He were to make love to Her and He had to restrain himself from not exploring any further.

Her eyes were closed but He knew they were rolled back. Her head was slowly tipping backward and he slid his hand past her back to support her from behind. Like a snake under hypnosis she curled with his hand, and when he reached for her scalp with the tips of his fingers, her body seemed to succumb under its own weight. Her legs began quivering, her knees failing her.  Soon, he would not only have to support her head but her entire being, at this rate he went. And He loved it. All of it.

Out of the many things about Him that she could not understand. She understood one thing, Together with him, She was free. And although she had thought only a safe universe of the rational Mind existed, it was now aligned with the heart, and it belonged to Him. And that for an eternity to come.

They might not speak the same language. They might not come from the same cultures, yet in that language of love that He showed her then, She had anchored her soul. Anchored it so that she finally could take off from her Ship of Misery and explore the world of the Heart, all of that through the eyes of His. He would show her both sides of two worlds and how they collapsed into One of Alignment and Purpose with each time He pressed his lips against her own. He showed her everything, and that for a millennium to come.

Her flame would never go out, and both would forever shine throughout. This love story was merely the beginning of something that would never end.

She then said something, like a groan that left from her drowsy lips. And he could have sworn he had understood it when she said those alien words. ‘I love you.’




Visual Art by Logan Ransley

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  1. Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    Everything is perfect in this except the order in which the music video appears. Soon after the last line “i love you”, when one will hear this intoxicating music, it will definitely take your reader in the world where the bliss is happening.


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