Random: To all of us, who can’t really seem to find their purpose…

“There are two unique beauties to life. One is to find love in the Other; the second is to find love within.”

And these are the only two purposes to life really, for if you can not even find either of these two, nothing will matter to you or anyone, not in any way.

Think about it.

For if you can’t find even one of these two, life will be cruel, dark, and you’d wish you were never born.

But don’t imagine it for too long.

Now, it is obvious that we ask ourselves, where to find these beauties in life then? To which there are many answers. But the true questions are these, what is to find love in the Other? And what is this love we find within?

To find love in the Other means that there is a person, a thing, a living being, a something in this reality here, that gives you the feeling of being loved and appreciated. If you have doubts about this feeling, it is no love. Keep looking for it. Look for it in the flowers blooming during the early morning, or look for it in the friend that keeps returning your calls even when you’ve been hard to reach. Look for the love that was unasked for, the surprising hug, or soothing talk in the middle of the night. Look for it in the movement of the people, the love we share for animals and trees, the sun, oceans, and seas. You must know, to most people, this is their parents for starters. These people have found their love in parental others that they can trust, rely on, both physically and emotionally. The love of a parent is the most important type of love there is, especially later on in life, it influences the particular individual immensely and their capacity in finding the second purpose of life,

To find love within.

Secondly, to find love within is a whole lot more complicated. This means, that even when everyone should have perished, you are able to find the strength within you to keep going. Even when everything and everyone has decided against you, you’ll have the energy to fight it. And this energy stems from you, like a burning fire and it never goes out. You need to be able to find it, somewhere deep down at the bottom of your heart or in the shallow waters of your distant memories. Something that keeps you upright and going, something as unmoving as a mountain, but fluent as water, like a dream that could still be a reality, no matter what the circumstances, like a past memory, irreversible and no one can take that away from you. And I can promise you, as long as you are on the way, you’ll find a way; the love within will be there to guide you. Learn to listen. Listen and express, accept and face your love. It will be fierce. Fiercer than anything in your life before.

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