Short Story: A Call of the Gods [Fantasy]

This story is based on the artwork and random, hope you enjoy!


We went days without any food or water, through the desert and the cold nights, we never took a break. We traveled along the sand and blistering winds, guided by only the sun and moon, until eventually we found the lost city, the legend of old, the residence of the ancient, the standing proof of their existence and the mysterious past of human civilization.

Old master Goju extended his arm, the pouches and decorations on his staff were trembling. An old arcane language left his mouth, and his eyes became a light, flashing gold, he was calling upon the gods, but would the gods answer? Since many ages now, the gods had vanished and been gone, many believed gods had never existed to begin with.

Brandon doubted they would come alive now, whether his master was using arcane and old language or not, whether they were at an ancient site or not.

But then the most astounding thing happened and it began with the ground trembling under Brandon’s feet, his master seemed unmoving, unshaken. He did not look back or around, his golden eyes, burning with fire, were fixated on the tall building in front of them instead; the trembling reverberated toward the very structure as he sang those incomprehensible words.

Then it stopped, abruptly, the shaking and trembling and a thick silence overcame them and the desert, the lone city.

Master Goju’s staff decorations rattled again, briskly. And then he said the weirdest thing, like this had all been planned out, “A god is awaiting you, Brandon. It is time.”

Brandon had never thought to meet a god, let alone he actually thought they were real; he had chosen the path of mysticism just so he could go and see the world, explore multiple cultures, and experience a broader concept of life. Now here he was, not knowing what his master expected him to do, or say.

He went alone inside that temple, that old and ancient temple built solely out of sand and brick. Brandon didn’t have to look back to know his master had disappeared, left him to do this on his own. That was how most lessons were learned either way.

With a heavy sigh, Brandon heaved himself in and strolling through the giant, empty hall that had many great pillars carrying the roof, he echoed, “Hello?”

A voice boomed dark and gloomy in response, but he couldn’t understand. Then a great light erupted from the end of the hall, a strong gust of wind followed and when Brandon looked at it next, he saw something that not at all looked like a god, it couldn’t be a god, unless they were locked up inside that body. And not just any human body, she was … She was … Just like in his dreams. Was this a test? 


Copyright © 2019 S.G. Scotts

The picture I used is by the talented Taewon Hwang. You can discover more of his artwork by clicking here.

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